Cannington Golf Club

Hole 13, 511 yards, Par 5
Thu 22

Course Status

Thursday 22nd Feb Course ❌CLOSED ❌Casual water in most areas, very soft underfoot leaving the course unplayable. Weather : Heavy rain this morning , easing slightly later. Range opens 09.00. Updated: 22nd Feb 2024

Hole 13

A challenging par 5, up hill and into the prevailing wind, from this tee. The group of bunkers at 230 yards from the tee on the right hand side come into play, in particular the second bunker which is 277 yards from the tee just waiting to catch the scratch player's drive. The fairway tends to ‘gather the ball' into this bunker. The ideal line is to keep as tight as possible up the left hand side of the hole to have a full view of the green for the second shot.

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