Cannington Golf Club

Hole 9, 360, par 4
Fri 23

Course Status

Thursday 22nd Feb Course ❌CLOSED ❌Casual water in most areas, very soft underfoot leaving the course unplayable. Weather : Heavy rain this morning , easing slightly later. Range opens 09.00. Updated: 22nd Feb 2024

Hole 9

It would pay the golfer to look at the pin position before starting the round, as again, the hole being strategic in nature, the position of the pin determines for the scratch golfer the best line to take for the drive.

With trees and a bunker at the 220 yard mark obscuring the right hand side of the green, should the pin be placed on this side of the green, the drive needs to go down the left side of the fairway to open up the approach to the green.

The more difficult drive is when the pin is cut to the back left of the green; to get a full view of the pin the drive needs to go as tight to the right as possible over the 220 yard bunker and trees. The prevailing head wind does increase the challenge to the hole.

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